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Our vetted website developers will create a customized website to achieve all of your business goals

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Web Development:

Making a website is not just a design issue. You must have a support based on a strategy.

What is the OBJETIVE? What information is the customer looking for? How to show the benefits that the company offers? How is the image reinforced? These questions define the design and the project, based on each objective and according to the aesthetics of the client’s business.

Web one page

If you need a simple, attractive and fast implementation website to present yourself in society on the internet, this is your best option.

If you are about to launch an email marketing campaign or publish an ad on the web or want to advertise in a digital medium, we recommend designing a landing page. In this way you will be able to control the campaign, have an exclusive contact form for it and will protect your company’s domain.

Maintain your institutional website and get a new site to effectively promote business.

Ideal solution for:

Small businesses or independent professionals.
Launches of new products.
Real estate products.
Seasonal services.
Special promotions, eg: Mother’s Day, Offers out of season.
Call for fairs or exhibitions.
Promotion of unique services such as training courses, congresses or participation in fairs.
The solution integrates the most effective digital promotion techniques ensuring effective, measurable and fast results.

Professional Website

If you work as an independent professional, we suggest you opt for this proposal.

Our professional website will allow you to have a presence on the internet and thus expand the information you provide to your clients and prospects.

You can also report what projects you are working on, promote new services and use the web as a sales or reference brochure.

Ideal solution for:

Doctors, Veterinarians or Dentists.
Engineers, Architects or Designers.
Coaching, Human Resources or personnel placement services.
Commercial premises.
Services for parties, children, organization of events.
Consulting services in general
Professional services (gas, locksmith, plumbing, lighting, etc.)
The offer includes:

A website with 5 sections. eg Home, About Us, Services, Clients, Contact.
Content self-management platform.
Google maps and connection to social networks.
Contact form with database, autoresponder and filters.
Integrated security system.
ON Line Traffic reporting system and integration with Google Analytics
Site automatically adaptable to mobile devices and tablets.
User training and user manual
As an option we offer web hosting with unlimited mailboxes

E-commerce Website

Your business open 24 hours.

We offer you a solution that will allow you to quickly sell your products and services via the Internet. web ecommerce

Shop plan:


Our solution has the following benefits:

Fully self managed
Manage the content of the website without the need for technical knowledge, along with your website we provide you with training and user manuals. Change products, prices, generate promotions for your website.
coupon system
Generate promotional campaigns with special discounts for customers with digital coupons, build customer loyalty, generate demand in a simple and controlled way.
With a variety of support options, from free and lifetime, to personalized 7 x 24 support, you always have a digital marketing professional to advise you.
Export reports of visits, sales and user behavior within your Website. Know which are the products of greatest interest and define effective promotions.
Integration with social networks
With our special module for Social Networks, take your virtual store to Facebook, selecting which products you want to publish in the virtual store for social networks. Multiply your sales with a viral marketing strategy.
Possibility of application on tablet and smartphone
With our special module for cell phones, complete your positioning by taking your store to the pocket of your consumers. Now they can buy from anywhere at any time.
Special marketing modules
We have more than 40 special modules that include email marketing promotion systems, affiliate marketing, referral system, integration of credit card payments, advertising control, integration with Google map, etc. Ask our professionals which ones best suit your business strategy.
web positioning
With our special SEO module, position your virtual store automatically and without additional monthly costs in the first places in the most important search engines.
In addition, it incorporates the following modules:

Simple SEO module, for natural positioning on the internet.
Social Networks Module, to connect the website with facebook and twitter.
E-mails marketing module, to promote the website.
Product Slider Carousel Module. To display products dynamically
Multi Currency Converter module. For currency conversions
Random Product Widget module.
Video module. To publish videos within the products tab.
Monthly Content Maintenance Service Module.

Grow Your Business Online With Confidence!

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