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Car Wraps: Impress For Less With Versatile Mobile Marketing Solutions

56 / 100

Car wraps are cheaper than custom bodywork, and more effective than big-ticket billboards, which means they deserve a place in your advertising arsenal.
Car Wrap Research Review: Impress For Less With Mobile Marketing Solutions
If you’re looking to make a big impact on a small budget, consider adding car wraps to your advertising system.

Brightly colored car wraps with big logos and messages are hard to ignore and impossible to miss, yielding 97% message recall in a report by RYP & Becker Group, compared to about 19% for most static signs.

Furthermore, one study cited by 3M found that:

98% of survey respondents feel car wrap create a positive image of the advertiser
96% of survey respondents agreed that car wraps make more of an impact than billboards
Car wraps are the #1 most cost-effective advertising option for Rockville businesses, costing only $0.48 per 1000 views, compared to about $3.56 for the average outdoor sign

Meet Your Diverse Marketing Goals With Custom Car Wraps

Not only are car wraps cheaper than bodywork and more effective than billboards—they’re also one of the most versatile marketing tools you have at your disposal.

These are just a few of the different ways Rockville businesses use custom car wraps to drive sales, build brand authority, and boost advertising ROI:

Targeted marketin

Drive your car wraps past your target audiences (e.g. target different demographics by visiting universities, senior centers, business districts, trade shows, etc)

Mass marketing

Transform every parking space, cross-town drive, or morning commute into a valuable mass marketing opportunity

Improve security and customer confidence

Car wraps improve security and customer confidence, allowing them to easily identify technicians and employees during deliveries and service calls

Create branded space anywhere and assist with wayfinding

Use your car wrap as photo backdrop wallpaper in commercials and during events, or simply park your vehicle out front to make your business easier to spot

Promote at parades

Join one of Rockville’s exciting parades to generate thousands of local impressions in a single day


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